About us


Optergo is the unchallenged market leader in all Nordic countries, and a highly respected contender in the rest of Europe as well as in emerging markets. Our solutions are the first choice among Scandinavian endodontists, dentists, and surgeons, not only for the state-of-the-art optics but also for the personalization in terms of ergonomics. Studies have shown that Optergo solutions can prevent and mitigate pain in the neck, shoulders and back.

A brief history

Our company was born in 1996 as a result of the merger of the Finnish company Merident and a spin-off of the Swedish company Multilens. Merident was founded by the experienced and passionate dentist Kari Ulvio, who saw dentists’ need for magnifying loupes and also realized the importance of ergonomics in dentistry work.

Multilens was a company specializing in prism technology bringing ergonomics to inspection work in the automotive industry; a sister company was founded to apply the same technology in the health care sector. The shared vision of the two companies proved to be the perfect fit for a merger.

Optergo is since 2022 part of Univet Loupes Group, an international group of vision and ergonomics companies aiming at improving the vision and life quality of health professionals. Optergo’s experience and commitment in improving the quality of vision and posture of its customers completes and complements the group’s aim perfectly.

This merger will allow synergies that will lead to a strong evolution of the concepts of ergonomics, magnification and natural position, benefiting the health professional.

Care of Optergo – it’s a Swedish perspective

Our mission is to offer sustainable, ergonomic solutions that promote well-being and clear vision, maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. Our holistic, truly customized approach aims to optimize efficiency and work performance on a day-to-day basis while also contributing to quality of life in the long term.

But how does the Swedishness come into it? How does it set us apart? You could say that it’s a matter of culture and legacies. The legacy of leading-edge medical science and dentistry goes back many years, and has an impact on any idea or development in the health care industry. The legacy of innovation and excellence in design cannot be disregarded – if that is not incorporated in our products our customers would feel that something is amiss.

As for culture, any Swedish company has an ambitious sustainability agenda. And we play by society rules based on humanitarian ideals, equality and social welfare. In Swedish, the word ”care” has multiple layers of meaning and a wide scope of interpretations.