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Optergo DeLight

Brighten your light of vision

Care of Optergo

Good ergonomics are key to optimal patient care as well as a sustainable long term work situation. As a Swedish innovative med-tech company we apply an interdisciplinary approach to provide crucial value and well-being to our customers and their patients.

The Optergo offer is designed from 25 years of leading innovation and delivers products, services and total solutions that are un-compromising, user-focused and individually customized in detail.

  • Groundbreaking innovative products
  • Ergonomic expertise and experience
  • Quality assured process for customization and individual adaptations
  • 25 years of attention to detail and top-tier quality
  • Leading service and support

Allow us to introduce our Optergo® DeLight loupe light. It emits a bright and focused light beam that aligns with your line of vision, eliminating shadows and enabling clear visualization of even the most challenging areas.

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Optergo DeLight

An orange filter is included that can be easily put on and taken off. It’s there if you’re undergoing a treatment where you need to be careful with the light.

About Optergo DeLight

Brighten your line of vision

See more and better with Optergo DeLight. The bright and concentrated light beam coaxial with your line of vision efficiently eliminates shadows and enables you to fully see even the most challenging areas.

  • Lamp’s weight only 6 grams
  • Daylight-coloured light reproduces the viewed object’s natural colours
  • Large multifunction switch enables fully aseptic use
  • Stepless dimmer function
  • Adjustable carrying strap with cord pocket
  • 10 hours operation time with full luminosity
  • Smart click-on lock and a variety of adapters for different attachments

Contact us for information and demonstration

Optergo is sold and represented by our Partners, find your contact person: 


We are closed for vacation from July 17th to July 28th.

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