Optimization of your work situation spells super-lightweight frames and loupes that let you work with ease and comfort, while maintaining an ergonomically correct working posture.

The products at the core of our offer are a selection of loupes in a wide range of magnifications. The loupes are typically mounted on frames fitted with a super-lightweight version of your prescription glasses. Each component of the Optergo loupes is meticulously sourced and engineered. To ascertain full control of the entire value chain we make all equipment ourselves at our headquarters in Mölnlycke, Sweden.

Our designs are unobtrusive, understated, close to pure function. With extremely light weight and perfect personalization, the idea is for you to forget about wearing the loupes, but only be aware of the efficiency brought by the magnification.

Optergo Ultralight™ flip-up

On/off magnification as you please

Weighing only 12 grams, these loupes are the lightest in the world. With the flip-up feature, there is no need to switch between glasses during your workday.


Optergo VinKep™

Our most sophisticated loupe system, lighter than any other Keplerian-type optics thanks to ground-breaking design and meticulous choice of material. Excellent magnification combined with a wide field of vision.

Light and slim

Optergo KepLite™

Due to the low weight and slim-size design of the Optergo KepLite loupes, you wear them comfortably with unobstructed general vision. They provide high magnification and a wide, sharp field of view.

Only 35 grams

Optergo Ultralight™ TTL

The loupe system with built-in ergonomics, thanks to our innovative prism technology and Strainless Optics design features that automatically guide you to an ergonomically correct working posture.

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Optergo Ultralight™ Flip-up
Optergo VinKep™
Optergo KepLight™
Optergo Ultralight™ TTL
Weight loupes
12 grams
19 grams
17 grams
8 grams
Weight total
37 grams
63 grams
57 grams
40 grams
Adjustable focus distance
Individually customized
Compatible with DeLight
2,1X – 3,2X
3,5X – 5,3X
3,5X – 5,3X
2,1X – 3,2X

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Loupes are no off-the-shelf products. They are your personal work tools, 100% customized to meet your requirements in terms of vision and ergonomics. An hour’s consultation will provide the facts needed for your personalized solution.