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Optergo VinKep™

The Optergo® VinKep loupes’ Keplerian-type telescopes provide strong magnification and large field of vision together with an edge-to-edge accurate image. The size, weight and ergonomic problems typical for traditional Keplerian loupes have been avoided with innovative design and choice of materials. The loupes’ downward-tilting structure provides unobstructed general visibility and the relatively small telescopes can be positioned exceptionally low in the eyeglass lenses.
  • Improved balance and less than half of the weight of traditional Kepler systems
  • No neck bending – patented Pentaroof Prism system shifts the magnified image up and forward
  • Individually customized with no standard angles
  • Made-to-measure focus distance (no steps)
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Weight only loupes

    19 grams

  • Weight total

    63 grams

  • Adjustable focus distance

  • Individually customized

  • Compatible with delight

  • Magnification

    3,5X - 5,3X


Optergo VinKep and KepLite loupes are made with Kepler-type telescopes that allow for a larger field of view for stronger magnifications. Multi-coated glass lenses, along with the telescope’s internal surfaces against glare, eliminate unwanted reflections. The result is a high standard of image sharpness achieved with an exceptionally lightweight system.

The field of view and depth of focus of a loupes system are determined by the type, size, and magnifying power of the telescope. VinKep and KepLite are available in three models for optimal performance under different conditions and for different users.

Magnification: 3.5x (angle)

Field of view: ~10 cm

Depth of focus: ~10 cm


Magnification: 4.3x (angle)

Field of view: ~8 cm

Depth of focus: ~6 cm


Magnification: 5.3x (angle)

Field of view: ~6 cm

Depth of focus: ~3 cm

Compatible frames

Compatible lens types

Optergo VinKep™ and KepLite™ loupes can be used in combination with all types of eyeglass lenses, allowing functional vision solutions even in the most challenging work environments.
  • Single vision eyeglass lenses
    Single vision eyeglass lenses

    A single vision lens has the same corrective power over the entire surface, which means that the field of vision covers the entire lens. Single vision lenses work great when you don’t need an addition to see up close. If sharper near vision is needed, single vision lenses allow for a limited ability to see clearly at a distance.

  • Bifocal eyeglass lenses
    Bifocal eyeglass lenses

    The correction for near vision in the lower part of the bifocal lens is made for the working distance, and the surrounding part can be customized for your distance vision – typically for instruments or a computer screen. The advantages of bifocal lenses include broad and clear fields of vision for both viewing distances. The disadvantage is that vision at a distance may be limited if the surrounding lens is made with a power for intermediate distances.

  • Progressive eyeglass lenses
    Progressive eyeglass lenses

    The correction for near vision in the lower part of the lens decreases progressively toward the upper edge of the lens, providing visual acuity for longer distances in the upper part of the lens. The most effective progressive lenses at room distances are so-called multifocal lenses for office use/amplified reading glasses. In these lenses, the typically narrow field of vision for progressives can be made wider by omitting the area for long distances in the upper part of the lens. At the same time, the change in lens power decreases, making it easier to see different objects.


Truly personalized work tools

What you get from us is tailored for your eyes alone, for your work, your performance, and your well-being. Designed to suit just you and nobody else.

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Loupes are no off-the-shelf products. They are your personal work tools, 100% customized to meet your requirements in terms of vision and ergonomics. An hour’s consultation will provide the facts needed for your personalized solution.