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Frequently asked questions


Thanks to its simple structure the loupe system is easy to clean. The included microfiber cloth can be used for cleaning both glasses and loupes.The loupe systems are silicon sealed and “splash proof” Clean the lenses with a water-soaked, soft tissue and then wipe with the dry part of the tissue, clean the carrier lens in the same way. Moisten the tissue with a light soap or detergent solution or with 70% alcohol for a more accurate cleaning.

Recommended detergents
• Common spectacle cleaners
• Dish soaps (as water solutions)
Avoid detergent leftovers in the spectacle knob and loupe hinge in order to avoid unwanted lubrication in the flip-up mechanism.

The loupes can be disinfected by wiping with alcohol (up to 70%).

Light system

There can be two reasons for this; automatic safety shutdown function or contact failure.

The unit is programmed to turn off automatically after one hour of continuous operation. If the power has been on continuously for one hour, the lamp will start flashing to indicate this. If you do not touch the power switch while the lamp is flashing, the power will automatically turn off and the lamp will turn off. Press the button to make the light stop flashing. The automatic switch-off is programmed into the device so that the light is not turned on accidentally for long periods, e.g. during transport. That way, you don’t have to worry about the lamp getting hot in the storage bag and the battery dying.

Another possible cause of the lamp flashing is a contact fault which is likely to occur in the connector connected to the lamp unit’s battery pack. This can be confirmed by bending the cord in different directions from the bottom of the connector. If the light is flashing, contact your dealer or our office immediately.

The battery of the DeLight magnifying light has sufficient capacity for approximately 10 hours with full light output. Typical of Li-ion batteries, the capacity and capacity decreases during each charge cycle. However, this happens very slowly – the battery needs to be charged in the middle of a working day only after several years of daily use.

If charging overnight, make sure the wall outlet does not automatically turn off. Electrical renovations in the reception rooms today mean electrical solutions to save electricity.

If the battery’s capacity has decreased over the years, it can be replaced. Regardless of the model year, the parts of the DeLight lighting system are compatible, so it is possible to update different parts as needed. You can order a new battery unit through your dealer or directly from the office.

Protection shields

Optergo ViShield™ visor models that can be attached to glasses are:

The visor mounts fit the Titan B4 frame model (as well as the Titan B6 and Titan Firm models which are no longer in our selection). Contact your dealer or our office if you are unsure about the mounts on your own glasses.

The protective visor models SCH and SCH LED are attached to a separate headband, so they can be used with all glasses, regardless of frame model.