The unique dual expertise of Optergo

Choose the most ergonomic position

For most people, optics and ergonomics are two entirely different fields of expertise. But for you as a surgeon or a dentist, the two are interdependent. When working with very small details, vision becomes a priority – most often at the expense of a good working posture.

Too many professionals – 60 to 70 per cent – suffer pain in back, shoulders and neck, as a result of leaning over patients in order to get a clear visual. This is why we look at loupes in a wider context. A good solution for visual aids has to take multiple factors into account. Which we do. And that is the reason why we always start with a thorough analysis of your work set-up.

The importance of ergonomics

When you choose us, the Optergo representative you will meet has certified experience and knowledge in the optics and ergonomics within dentistry and surgery. In an hour-long initial consultation we methodically cover all aspects of your work situation – how you sit, stand, and move around, but also your work procedures, equipment, lighting conditions, visual distances, magnification requirements, etc. All these findings go into the design of your personal Optergo solution. Thus, what you get is not only state-of-the-art loupes and accessories, but also the basis for good prevention of repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

No more leaning in over patients to see better, or working in awkward, uncomfortable positions. No more squinting or shifting positions for better illumination. And no more strain injury issues.

This means that your Optergo solution is 100% tailored for your eyes, for your work performance and your well-being – designed to suit just you and no one else. To emphasize this, you get your name engraved on the frames.

Our work is about knowing how you work

There is a lot of talk about customization in our industry. Some are serious about it, others are not. With a critical eye, it’s not very hard to spot the difference between the two.

And here is what makes us different. We have one single focus: you. We want to know everything about how you work. Your work environment, your set-up. Your equipment, your challenges, your visual conditions. We want to protect your well-being and work satisfaction. And at the end of the process, present you with a solution that is entirely, personally yours and nobody else’s.

When you choose Optergo, everything starts with a thorough consultation where we look at all relevant aspects of your whole work situation. It’s this compilation of data that enable us to tailor your solution.

We offer a wide range of loupe designs and magnifications providing a perfect fit for your needs, customized to ensure ease and comfort in your work.

The loupes are tilted downward, and typically attached to the lower part of the eyeglass lenses, which enables a good working posture – and makes it easy for you to shift attention as needed between your magnified view and monitors or computer screens.

Your personal ensemble of loupes and frames of course incorporates your prescription lenses. Precise vision also entails optimized lighting conditions, for example elimination of disturbing reflections.


A Swedish perspective

If you are looking for loupes, there is an abundance of suppliers. At a first glance they all appear the same. But we are different. Partly due to the higher value we deliver.