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Well-functioning vision has a decisive impact on the quality and efficiency of veterinary work. Good ergonomics promote endurance and well-being at work. We deliver products, services and total solutions that improve the veterinarian’s working vision and ergonomics.

The veterinarian’s work environment

Practicing a craft profession that requires precision also demands a precise vision. Fast and reliable diagnoses and high-quality treatment procedures put special demands on vision. In addition to clinical work, the veterinarian’s work environment must also take into account other important aspects such as instruments and displays – often including the wall clock and the pet owner. An effective solution for working vision is achieved with an individualized approach that combines vision correction, magnification, and lighting.

Veterinary ergonomics

Good ergonomics are particularly important when working in a static position. Neck, shoulder, and back problems can be avoided by paying attention to working position and habits. The veterinarian’s practical working position is largely determined by vision, as the work is performed in the position where the object is best seen. It is therefore important that visual aids enable a good working position and that they are selected and customized individually for the users.

Veterinary tools

Quality work requires high-quality equipment that is also easy and convenient to use. The products we represent are user-oriented and can be assembled into very precisely defined individual units. With 25 years of experience, we assist in selecting products that best suit your needs and customize them accordingly.

I have been pleasantly surprised by how well multifocal glasses work with magnifiers and lighting. I can see much better when performing dental procedures and it is also wonderful to be able to see the computer screen clearly with the same glasses.


We are closed for vacation from July 17th to July 28th.

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